Accessing Dalle 3 and Chat GPT with Microsoft Bing Image Creator

by Ivan L.

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the new Dalle 3 and Chat GPT from Open AI. However, not everyone has access to these tools, even if they have been a paid subscriber for a long time. But don’t worry, there is still a way to get access to Dalle 3 using Microsoft Bing Image Creator. In this article, we will explore how to use Bing Image Creator and earn credits or boosts to unlock this powerful tool.

Accessing Dalle 3 and Chat GPT with Microsoft Bing Image Creator

How to Get Access to Dalle 3 with Bing Image Creator

  • If you don’t have access to Dalle 3 through your Open AI account, you can use Microsoft Bing Image Creator instead.
  • Microsoft Bing Image Creator offers 100 credits or boosts that can be used to generate images.
  • These credits are not daily, so it’s important to keep track of how many you have remaining.
  • To reup your boosts, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and use Microsoft rewards to redeem for additional boosts.
  • You can create a new Microsoft account, but you will only receive 25 boosts instead of 100, so it seems the 100 credits are only for older accounts.
Accessing Dalle 3 and Chat GPT with Microsoft Bing Image Creator

Earning More Boosts with Microsoft Rewards

  • To earn more boosts, you can visit the Microsoft rewards website and complete daily tasks to earn reward points.
  • These reward points can later be exchanged for boosts in Bing Image Creator.
  • By burning up the initial 25 credits, you can find out what tasks need to be completed to earn more boosts.
  • You can search for ways to earn boost points on the rewards website.

Using Bing Image Creator for Image Generation

  • Bing Image Creator has some limitations, particularly when it comes to generating images with text.
  • Some prompts may yield good results, while others may struggle with certain words or phrases.
  • You can try different prompts and experiment with image generation.
  • It’s essential to be mindful of the prompt content and not generate any flagged or inappropriate content.

Bing Image Creator Account Suspension

  • Generating flagged content consistently can lead to your account being suspended.
  • It’s important to familiarize yourself with Microsoft’s content policy and avoid triggering any violations.
  • If your account is suspended, you will need to wait for a specific time period before you can generate more images.

Boost Refill and Microsoft Rewards

  • Without boosts, you will need to wait between image generations.
  • The system requires a 5-minute wait time without boosts.
  • When you click on the Boost icon, it suggests using 500 reward points for five more boosts.
  • You can earn reward points by searching with Bing or completing daily activities through Microsoft rewards.
  • Getting 500 reward points may take some time, but it is possible through various tasks and challenges.
  • However, for some, the time spent on earning these points may not be worth it.


While there is a lot of excitement about Dalle 3 and Chat GPT, not everyone has access to these tools. Microsoft Bing Image Creator offers an alternative way to generate images. It’s important to manage your credits or boosts effectively as they do not refill daily. Microsoft rewards can be earned by completing tasks and can be exchanged for more boosts. Dalle 3 is undoubtedly impressive, but Bing Image Creator is also stepping up. If you’re waiting for your boosts to refill or considering starting a new account, remember to be cautious with prompts to avoid flagging.

Feature/AspectDalle 3 (Based on General Knowledge)Bing Image Creator (Based on the Article)
Access for New UsersLimited AccessAvailable
Initial Credits/BoostsNot Specified100 (for older accounts), 25 (for new)
Earning Additional BoostsNot SpecifiedThrough Microsoft Rewards
Image Generation CapabilitiesAdvancedLimited, especially with text
Content Generation LimitationsNot specifiedStruggles with certain words/phrases
Policy Violation ConsequencesNot SpecifiedAccount Suspension
Wait Time Without BoostsNot Specified5 minutes
Boost Refill MethodNot SpecifiedUsing Microsoft Reward Points
Boost CostNot Specified500 reward points for 5 boosts
Daily Tasks for More PointsNot SpecifiedAvailable through Microsoft Rewards
Content PolicyOpenAI’s PolicyMicrosoft’s Policy
Accessing Dalle 3 and Chat GPT with Microsoft Bing Image Creator

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