Earning on YouTube: Alternative methods

by Ivan L.

YouTube is a platform that allows users to create and share video content. Many people dream of earning money on their YouTube channels, but earnings on this platform have changed significantly recently. In this article, we will explore what factors affect earnings on YouTube and how to make a fortune amid disabled monetization.

American YouTube

Earning on YouTube: Alternative methods

One of the factors that affect YouTube earnings is the language of the content. For instance, on American YouTube, the average price per 1,000 views is $4.78, which is quite high. The impact of content language on earnings is very important, and in other languages, such as English or Russian, prices per 1,000 views may be lower.

Geographic Distribution of the Audience

The geographic distribution of the audience also affects YouTube earnings. For example, if your channel has a large audience in the US, where product margins are higher, you can earn more money on your videos. This means advertisers are willing to pay more for advertising in countries like the US, UK, and Canada.

Content Niche

The theme of the content also plays a role in YouTube earnings. For example, content about financial services may bring in more money than content about cooking. Advertising for financial services usually costs more because products and services in this niche have higher margins.

Product Integration in Videos

How can you earn more money on YouTube? One way is to integrate a product into your videos. For example, you can promote products and services by offering them to your audience in videos. If your content is of high value to the audience and the integrated product is useful, you can earn more money on YouTube.

Earning on YouTube: Alternative methods

Product Promotion Rules

Product promotion rules are also important. The use-case scenario of the content should match the use-case scenario of the product. For example, if your product offers YouTube channel boosting, your content should be related to promotion on YouTube. Your video should demonstrate your expertise and show how you can help viewers achieve successful promotion on YouTube.

Alternative Earning Methods

The deactivation of monetization on Russian-language channels does not mean that it is impossible to earn money on YouTube. There are alternative ways to earn money, such as working with affiliate programs or creating your own products and services that can be sold through YouTube.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer the opportunity to earn money on your videos, even without monetization. You can join an affiliate program and get paid for advertising shown in your videos. Affiliate programs can work with different payment systems, such as cryptocurrency.

Creating Your Own Products and Services

You can also create your own products and services that can be sold through YouTube. Starting from inexpensive consultations and training to premium packages and product promotion. It’s important that your product is useful for your audience and integrated into your content.


Earnings on YouTube can vary greatly depending on the language of the content, geographic distribution of the audience, and content niche. However, with the right product integration and alternative earning methods, anyone can earn on YouTube. If you want to learn more about how to successfully monetize your YouTube channel, reach out to professionals like our company, which specializes in developing commercial YouTube channels.

Earning on YouTube: Alternative methods

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