How to Get a Free Domain: A Comprehensive Guide

by Ivan L.

Are you looking to get a free domain name? In this article, I will share my experience with free domains and show you how to get one without being scammed. Many people are skeptical about the legitimacy and safety of free domains, and rightfully so. While it is technically possible to get a domain name for free under certain conditions, these situations are so conditional that they are not viable options for most people. In fact, many individuals end up wasting their time and money on promotional offers that ultimately lead to nothing but spam. However, there are still some ways to obtain a free domain name without falling victim to scams or wasting precious time.

Cheap Domain Registrars

One option to consider is finding a cheap domain registrar. Both Hostinger and GoDaddy offer great deals on domain registration. By taking advantage of these deals, you can spend as little as possible while still getting the domain name you want.

Free Subdomains

If you don’t mind your domain name looking a little less conventional, you can opt for a free subdomain instead. A subdomain can perform most of the same functions as a normal domain, although it may not be as visually appealing. For example, platforms like Wix,, and GitHub offer the option to create a free account and subdomain. While this may limit your choice of platforms or require a more complex process (in the case of GitHub), it can be a suitable option for school projects, event sites, or beginners learning programming or web applications.

Using 000webhost Web Host

How to Get a Free Domain: A Comprehensive Guide

Another option for obtaining a free subdomain is using 000webhost Web Host. This platform is particularly useful for working with regular WordPress sites and even offers a limited free web hosting plan. However, keep in mind that this free plan comes with restrictions, such as ads on your website and limited performance.

Free Domain Name for a Year

If having a visually pleasing domain name is important to you, there is still a way to obtain one for free, albeit for a limited time. Many hosting providers and website builders offer a free domain name for the first year when you purchase one of their plans. This means that by choosing a simple shared hosting plan, you can get a free domain name for a year. After that, you have the option to either renew the domain or let it expire if you no longer need it.

Recommendations: Hostinger and Dreamhost

How to Get a Free Domain: A Comprehensive Guide

Two recommended options for obtaining a free domain name for a year are Hostinger and Dreamhost. Hostinger offers affordable shared hosting plans starting from $3 per month, which include the free domain name. With this plan, you can host up to 100 websites and get 100 gigabytes of SSD storage. On the other hand, Dreamhost offers a user-friendly interface and an unlimited plan that is perfect for beginners.

How to Get a Free Domain: A Comprehensive Guide

Website Builders: Hostinger and Wix

If you prefer using a website builder, Hostinger and Wix offer options for obtaining a free domain name. Hostinger’s website builder is beginner-friendly and straightforward, while Wix is a comprehensive platform that may be overwhelming for new users. Both options come with premium plans that include a free domain.


In conclusion, it’s important not to waste your time on free domain name offers that are often just scams or lead to spam. However, depending on your needs and preferences, there are legitimate ways to obtain a free domain name. If you don’t mind a less conventional domain name, consider opting for a free subdomain from platforms like Wix or GitHub. Alternatively, you can get a visually appealing domain name for a year by purchasing a hosting plan from providers like Hostinger or Dreamhost. Remember to choose a solution that aligns with your specific requirements and budget.

How to Get a Free Domain: A Comprehensive Guide

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