How to Host a WordPress Website for Free

by Ivan L.

If you have a WordPress website or any dynamic website with databases, you can actually host it for free and save yourself a significant amount of money in web hosting costs. In this article, we will explore various free web hosting options for hosting a WordPress website without sacrificing essential features.

Limitations of

While offers free web hosting, it comes with certain limitations. For example, you are unable to upload or modify themes and plugins. If you require more flexibility and control, you need to explore other free hosting solutions.

Top Three Free Web Hosting Plans for WordPress

Presented here are three of the best free web hosting plans specifically designed for WordPress websites:

1. Accuweb Hosting:

How to Host a WordPress Website for Free

– Accuweb Hosting is one of the oldest web hosting companies in the US.
– They offer a generous free WordPress hosting plan with the following features:
– 2 gigabytes SSD storage
– 30 gigabytes bandwidth or 5000 visits per month
– cPanel full access
– One-click WordPress installation
– Custom domains
– Up to 25 email accounts
– No ads
– This offer is available only in a few countries. If you reside in one of their supported countries, you can enjoy free web hosting for a lifetime.

2. 000webhost:

How to Host a WordPress Website for Free

– Powered by the popular company Hostinger, 000webhost provides a free hosting plan for small websites.
– The features of this plan include:
– 300 megabytes of storage for simple websites
– 3 gigabytes of bandwidth or 500 visits per month
– One-click WordPress installation
– Custom domains
– No ads
– The downside of this solution is that it does not offer support for email hosting. However, if your website is simple, has low traffic, and does not require email functionality, this solution could be perfect for you.

3. Infinity Free:

How to Host a WordPress Website for Free

– Infinity Free is an excellent choice for high-traffic WordPress websites.
– This hosting plan offers the following features:
– Unlimited storage
– Unlimited bandwidth
– One-click WordPress installation
– Custom domains
– 10 email accounts
– 400 MySQL databases
– Cloudflare CDN
– SSL certificate
– No ads
– It is important to note that individual files should not exceed 10 megabytes in size.


If you are looking to host a WordPress website for free, these three options provide excellent solutions based on your website’s requirements. By choosing the right free hosting plan, you can save hundreds of dollars per year on web hosting costs. Remember to evaluate your website’s needs and select the plan that offers the features and resources necessary for your specific website.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.

How to Host a WordPress Website for Free


How do I migrate my WordPress website to one of these free hosting plans?

Migrating a WordPress website typically involves transferring your website files and database to the new hosting provider. Some hosting providers offer free migration services, while others provide tools that allow you to perform a migration yourself. Always ensure to back up your website before attempting a migration and ideally, perform a trial migration first to identify any potential issues.

Are there hidden costs or upsells with free web hosting plans?

Sometimes, free hosting plans might come with hidden costs or aggressive upsells. For instance, while the hosting itself is free, you might find that you need to pay for additional services or features, such as SSL certificates, premium support, or backups. Always read the terms of service and understand fully what is and isn’t included in the free plan.

Can I upgrade to a paid plan later if my website outgrows the free hosting?

Yes, most free hosting providers offer the ability to upgrade to a paid plan. This can provide additional resources, better performance, and more features as your website grows. When choosing a free hosting provider, check their upgrade options to ensure they have a suitable pathway for your potential future needs.

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