How to Rank an Artificially Intelligent Article on Google

by Ivan L.

In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to rank a 100% AI-generated article on Google. We will cover the essential aspects of the process to ensure its successful implementation. This article serves as a mini-master class in achieving higher search engine rankings for AI-generated content. Let’s dive in!

Selecting a Niche

To begin, it is crucial to choose a specific niche for your article. In this example, we will focus on the travel niche in Belgium. By selecting a niche, such as Belgium travel, we can narrow down our target audience and provide valuable, unique content.

Keyword Research with Keyword Explorer

How to Rank an Artificially Intelligent Article on Google

To optimize our article’s visibility, we need to conduct keyword research. One powerful tool for this purpose is the Keyword Explorer (a paid tool). After gathering relevant keywords related to Belgium travel, we input them into the Keyword Explorer. This tool will generate semantically related keywords and provide data on their monthly search volume and keyword difficulty.

Refining Keywords

Upon reviewing the initial set of keywords, we may find that the search volume is insufficient. To address this, we can compile a list of every aspect of Belgium that travelers may be interested in. By using one word for each aspect, we can create a solid foundation for keyword research. These newly gathered keywords are then added to the Keyword Explorer, refining our search volume and attracting higher traffic.

Analyzing Competitors

To gain a competitive advantage, we can analyze the websites that rank for our chosen keywords. By exporting the top keywords and conducting a quick batch analysis, we can identify weaker websites with significant traffic. These websites present an opportunity for us to target similar keywords and potentially outrank them.

Crafting the AI Article

With the preliminary work completed, it’s time to craft our AI-generated article. Using SEO Meta in One Click, we can extract headers from competitors’ articles and use them as inspiration for our own headers. It is essential to avoid copying the exact word-for-word content of competitors’ headers. Instead, focus on creating unique, SEO-optimized headers that cover similar topics more comprehensively.

Content Creation with Chat GPT

How to Rank an Artificially Intelligent Article on Google

The AI content creation tool Chat GPT is where the real magic happens. By inputting the headers, title, and additional keywords into Chat GPT’s custom article workflow, we can generate a comprehensive article based on our competition’s content. The tool will inject relevant additional keyword phrases, ensuring our article is optimized for search engines while avoiding excessive keyword stuffing.


Ranking an AI-generated article on Google requires a strategic and comprehensive approach. By selecting a niche, conducting thorough keyword research, analyzing competitors, and leveraging AI content creation tools like Chat GPT, we enhance our chances of achieving higher search engine rankings. Remember to consistently refine and optimize your content based on user feedback and search engine algorithms. With these strategies in place, you can unlock the full potential of AI-generated content to reach your target audience effectively.

How to Rank an Artificially Intelligent Article on Google
Selecting a NicheChoose a specific niche (e.g., Belgium travel) to target a more focused audience with unique content.
Keyword Research with Keyword ExplorerUtilize tools like Keyword Explorer to identify relevant keywords, assess search volume, and evaluate keyword difficulty.
Refining KeywordsExpand your keyword list by considering various aspects of the niche, refining search volume, and attracting more traffic.
Analyzing CompetitorsAnalyze competitor websites to identify opportunities to target similar keywords and potentially outrank them.
Crafting the AI ArticleUse SEO Meta for header inspiration and Chat GPT for content generation, ensuring unique, SEO-optimized headers and content.
Content Creation with Chat GPTGenerate comprehensive articles by inputting headers, titles, and keywords into Chat GPT’s custom workflow.
ConclusionEmphasize the need for a strategic approach, consistent content optimization, and leveraging AI for better search rankings.

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