Marginality Formula: Key to Understanding Your Business Profitability

by Ivan L.

Marginal profit is a crucial financial indicator that assists companies in evaluating the effectiveness of their sales. This measure is especially important for determining the profitability of individual products or services and is a central element in strategic planning and pricing.

Fundamentals of the Marginality Formula

Calculation of Marginal Profit

The marginal profit is calculated using the formula:

Marginal Profit=Selling Price−Variable Costs

  • Selling Price: This is the amount for which a product or service is sold.
  • Variable Costs: These are costs that vary depending on the volume of sales, including raw materials, fuel, and commissions.

Example of Calculation

Suppose the selling price of a product is 100 units, and the variable costs for its production are 60 units. Then the marginal profit would be:


Thus, the marginal profit per unit of product is 40 units.

Significance and Application of Marginal Profit

Marginality Formula: Key to Understanding Your Business Profitability

Efficiency Assessment

Marginal profit allows for an assessment of how effectively a company is using its resources. A high marginal profit indicates that the product brings a significant profit after covering variable costs.

Strategic Planning

Marginality Formula: Key to Understanding Your Business Profitability

This indicator helps in making decisions about which products should be promoted and which should be excluded from the assortment.

Determining the Break-Even Point

Marginal profit is used to calculate the break-even point, which is important for business strategy planning and minimizing risks.

Tools for Calculating Marginal Profit

Using financial management software and spreadsheets can significantly simplify the calculation of marginal profit. Examples include Excel, Google Sheets, and specialized accounting programs.

Example Table for Calculation

Product/ServiceSelling PriceVariable CostsMarginal Profit
Product A1006040
Product B1509060
Service A200100100

This table shows the calculation of marginal profit for various products and services.


The marginality formula is a powerful tool for assessing the profitability and efficiency of a business. It aids entrepreneurs and managers in making informed decisions that can lead to better financial outcomes.

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