The Best Free Web Hosting Options: A Comprehensive Analysis

by Ivan L.

When it comes to web hosting, cost is often a major consideration. Many individuals and businesses look for free hosting options to save money. But are these free options worth it? In this article, we will explore four free web hosting providers and evaluate their pros and cons. A Good Starting Point

The Best Free Web Hosting Options: A Comprehensive Analysis provides an easy sign-up process without requiring credit card information. Account verification is quick, and users can start building their websites immediately. With 10GB of storage and unlimited bandwidth, this provider is suitable for most websites. One drawback is that users must own their own domain name; subdomains and free domains are not supported. The performance of websites hosted on is average, with a full load time of 4.2 seconds. Additionally, the provider offers add-ons at high prices, but these are not recommended due to more affordable premium hosting options available elsewhere.

Infinity Free: A Mixed Bag

The Best Free Web Hosting Options: A Comprehensive Analysis

While Infinity Free offers free hosting with additional perks like SSL certificates and cPanel, their terms of service are questionable. They reserve the right to sell user data and website visitor data for marketing purposes. Despite these concerns, Infinity Free provides unlimited storage and bandwidth, making it attractive for those with larger websites. However, ads are present throughout the control panel and menus. The website performance is slower than, with a load time of 8.7 seconds.

000webhost: Space Limitations

The Best Free Web Hosting Options: A Comprehensive Analysis

000webhost, a part of Hostinger, offers 300MB of storage. This limitation poses a challenge for users with larger websites. The provider allows hosting of adult content, which is uncommon even among paid providers. However, the lack of storage space restricts users from doing much beyond hosting light websites. One major drawback is that websites can be deleted without warning if users exceed the storage limit by even a small amount.

The Best Free Hosting Option: Oracle Cloud Free Tier

The Best Free Web Hosting Options: A Comprehensive Analysis

For users with some technical knowledge, setting up a virtual private server (VPS) on Oracle Cloud Free Tier is the best option. Although it requires a valid credit card for verification (with a refundable charge of $1), this hosting solution offers impressive features such as a custom domain, SSL certificates, file managers, auto-installers, and email. Website performance is excellent, with a load time of 1.5 seconds. However, it should be noted that even a company as large as Oracle may delete websites without warning, as experienced by some users.

The Downside of Free Hosting

One crucial aspect to consider when opting for free hosting is that the website ultimately belongs to the provider, not the user. Providers can add advertisements, delete sites at any time, and collect data from users and their visitors. Given these drawbacks, free hosting options are generally not recommended for individuals or businesses who value their websites’ content, design, and invested time.

FeatureFreehosting.comInfinity Free000webhostOracle Cloud Free Tier
Sign-upEasy, no CC neededNot specifiedNot specifiedCC needed ($1 refundable)
Storage10GBUnlimited300MBNot specified
BandwidthUnlimitedUnlimitedNot specifiedNot specified
DomainOwn domain requiredNot specifiedNot specifiedCustom domain
SSL CertificatesNot specifiedAvailableNot specifiedAvailable
Performance (Load Time)4.2s8.7sNot specified1.5s
AdsNot specifiedPresentNot specifiedNot specified
User Data UsageNot specifiedCan be soldNot specifiedNot specified
Additional CostsHigh-priced add-onsNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specified
Technical KnowledgeNot specifiedNot specifiedNot specifiedSome required
Adult ContentNot specifiedNot specifiedAllowedNot specified
Risk of DeletionNot specifiedNot specifiedYesYes

The Importance of Paid Hosting

While free hosting may seem tempting, paid hosting offers greater reliability and accountability. For a small monthly fee, users can hold their providers accountable, receive support, and enjoy backup services. Providers cannot simply delete websites on a whim or prioritize other free user’s websites over paid customers’ sites. Additionally, paid hosting providers often have better performance and uptime.

Recommended Cheap Hosting Providers

For those seeking affordable hosting options, two reputable providers are InterServer and Hostinger. InterServer offers one month of hosting for $2.50 or six months for $12.50, which is a better choice than free hosting for short-term website needs. This option ensures more permanent website hosting, eliminating the need to worry about frequent renewals.


Although free hosting options exist, they come with their fair share of limitations and risks. For users seeking a short-term website solution or wanting to explore web hosting without financial commitments, free hosting may be suitable. However, in most cases, cheap hosting options are more reliable and secure. By investing a small amount, users can enjoy better performance, support, and peace of mind. It is recommended to thoroughly review and compare hosting providers before making a decision.

The Best Free Web Hosting Options: A Comprehensive Analysis

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