The End of Google’s Core Update and Spam Update: What to Expect Next

by Ivan L.

Google’s recent core update and spam update have caused a wave of uncertainty and concern among website owners and SEO professionals. However, there is good news on the horizon. According to Carolyn Holtzman, an expert in the field, there are strong indications that the updates are coming to an end. Although Google has not officially confirmed this, it is likely that the updates will be over soon. In this article, we will explore the current state of the updates, the potential impact on search engine results pages (SERPs), and what we can expect in the future.

Signs of the Updates Ending

Carolyn Holtzman has been closely monitoring the updates and has noticed positive signs that they are winding down. She has observed changes in indexation and the behavior of bots, which indicate that the updates are coming to a close. While Google’s status dashboard still shows the updates as ongoing, Carolyn’s insights bring hope that the end is near. It is important to note that the official confirmation from Google may take some time, as it depends on various factors such as website updates and timing.

The End of Google's Core Update and Spam Update: What to Expect Next

Settling of SERPs

With the conclusion of the updates, we can expect to see the SERPs settle down. Despite some skeptics who believe that the SERPs will never stabilize, there is evidence to suggest that this will indeed happen. Recent observations show that sites that were heavily affected by the core update have started to regain their previous positions in search rankings. This positive trend has become more noticeable in the past week, with several sites experiencing significant improvements. However, not all sites are seeing the same results, and some continue to struggle. Each website reacts differently to updates, making the behavior of each site fascinating to analyze.

Individual Site Reactions

As website owners, you may have noticed changes in your own sites during the updates. Some sites are starting to gain traction, while others are still experiencing a decline or remaining stagnant. This variation in individual site reactions is to be expected, considering the complexity of the updates and the unique characteristics of each website. The important thing to remember is that the updates are not permanent, and with the end in sight, we can look forward to more stability in the near future.

The End of Google's Core Update and Spam Update: What to Expect Next

What’s Next?

While it is encouraging to hear that the updates are nearing completion, we should also be prepared for what lies ahead. As we enter the fourth quarter, which is known to be a volatile period for Google, it is highly likely that more updates will follow soon after. In fact, December is often a favored month for Google to release updates, coinciding with the holiday season. Therefore, while we celebrate the conclusion of the current updates, we should remain vigilant and ready for any future changes that Google may introduce.


In summary, it seems that the end of Google’s core update and spam update is on the horizon. Although the official confirmation may still take some time, the observations made by Carolyn Holtzman provide hope that the updates will be over soon. As we eagerly await the conclusion of the updates, we can expect the SERPs to settle, with some sites already showing signs of recovery. However, as we move forward, it is important to remember that more updates are likely to come, especially during the volatile fourth quarter. With this in mind, let’s embrace the impending stability while remaining prepared for the next wave of changes from Google.

The End of Google's Core Update and Spam Update: What to Expect Next
Google’s UpdatesGoogle’s core update and spam update.Ongoing (but nearing completion based on observations).
Observations by ExpertsCarolyn Holtzman’s insights on the updates. She has noticed signs of the updates winding down.Positive signs indicating updates are coming to a close.
Google’s Official StatusGoogle’s status dashboard.Still shows updates as ongoing.
SERP StabilityThe potential for SERPs to stabilize post-updates.Expected to settle soon; some sites already showing recovery.
Individual Site ReactionsHow different websites have responded to the updates.Varies; some gaining traction, others declining or remaining same.
Future ExpectationsLikelihood of more updates from Google, especially in the volatile fourth quarter.High possibility of more updates, especially in December.
ConclusionEnd of the current updates is anticipated based on observations, but official confirmation may still take time.Await conclusion; more updates likely in the near future.

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