The Secrets to Getting Your First Sales Quickly on Etsy

by Ivan L.

Many print-on-demand sellers struggle to get their first sales, while others seem to achieve success in their first week. Despite claims that Etsy and print-on-demand are oversaturated, there are new sellers who are proving these claims wrong and achieving 200 sales within two months. In this article, we will unveil the four secrets of those who get their first sales quickly on Etsy.

The Secrets to Getting Your First Sales Quickly on Etsy

Secret #1: Do Not Compete on Oversaturated Niches

Selling popular products like teacher shirts or nursing shirts on Etsy can be highly profitable, but these markets are also the most competitive. As a brand new Etsy seller, it is challenging to compete with stores that already have thousands of sales and top rankings. To overcome this challenge, you should either niche down or find a brand new niche. Use tools like e-rank to identify sub-niches within popular markets that have high search volume but less competition. By getting specific within a niche, you can attract buyers who are looking for more relevant and unique products.

Secret #2: Stand Out with Different Products

Instead of following the trend of selling t-shirts, consider exploring underserved products within your chosen niche. For example, if you want to start a teacher shirt print-on-demand store, rather than selling teacher shirts, try offering teacher tote bags. While the search volume may be lower for these products, the competition is also significantly lower. By combining sub-niching down and changing products, you increase your chances of being found by potential buyers.

Secret #3: Research Top-Selling Designs

Before starting to design your own products, it is crucial to research and study the best-selling designs on Etsy. Analyze the fonts, text placement, and styles that are currently trending. By understanding what works well for successful sellers, you can create designs that have a higher chance of becoming top-sellers. Avoid copying designs but use them as inspiration to create unique and relevant designs for different niches.

The Secrets to Getting Your First Sales Quickly on Etsy

Secret #4: Add Personalization to Your Products

Personalization is a game-changer in the print-on-demand industry. Adding customization options to your products allows buyers to add their names, logos, or specific details, making the product more personal and appealing. Many top-selling listings now offer customization, and incorporating this feature into your products can help you stand out in most niches. While some sellers are hesitant due to the additional effort required, there are tools like Hello Custom that use artificial intelligence to automate the customization process, saving you time and making personalized orders more manageable.


By implementing these four secrets, you can increase your chances of getting sales quickly on Etsy. Focus on new niches with less competition, offer different products within those niches, research top-selling designs, and add personalization options to your products. Combining these strategies will help you create best-selling products right from the start. So, don’t let the perception of oversaturation stop you from pursuing success in the print-on-demand industry.

Secret #1: Do Not Compete on Oversaturated NichesAvoid highly competitive markets.Use niche research tools like e-rank.Target sub-niches with high search volume and low competition.Higher chances of standing out.Attract more relevant and unique customers.
Secret #2: Stand Out with Different ProductsExplore underserved product types in your niche.Offer unique products instead of following trends.Lower competition for less common product types.Increased visibility due to lower competition.Opportunity to carve out a unique niche.
Secret #3: Research Top-Selling DesignsStudy successful designs on Etsy.Analyze fonts, text placement, and trending styles.Use these designs as inspiration for your own unique creations.Learn from what’s already working.Create designs with a higher chance of success.Avoid copying, but adapt successful elements.
Secret #4: Add Personalization to Your ProductsOffer customization options for buyers.Allow buyers to add names, logos, or specific details.Use automation tools like Hello Custom to streamline the process.Provide a personalized and appealing product.Differentiate your offerings from competitors.Meet the growing demand for customized products.
The Secrets to Getting Your First Sales Quickly on Etsy

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